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why take this course

This company was started because there is a void in the education of emergency training when it comes to health. 

working in the hospital as a CNA I see injuries from patients that some have said that could have been avoided had they paid attention to what they were doing. Others have stated that there was no one around to help and so they did what they thought was the best action and wound-up making things a lot worse than they should have been.  Others just ignored the medical situation that their body was telling them till it could not be ignored no more. 

Emergency situations are not there to make you afraid, we become afraid because we do not hold proper education in how to handle a situation we are presented with, and in doing so we freak when we have no way of having good information on the topic we are facing at that point of time. 

After talking with friends and acquaintances on how they would handle first aid situations many have drawn a blank and said in the hopes that they would be ok and that someone else would be there to take care of them should the need arise. 

I believe that by empowering people to handle medical emergencies they will be more confident in their everyday lives and help make safer decisions that will have an effect on their communities. 

it has been shown that with proper education that people tend to approach situations with a more level head and despite the hesitancy at first better outcomes have a higher tendency to happen.

While first aid and CPR are very effective with quicker activation and implementation there are no guarantees on successful resuscitation or complete recovery on the spot. That is a area for Doctors and Surgeons to make statements on. 

It is the goal of this company to help provide First aide, CPR, and How to stop the bleed training in the immediate situation the person may find themselves in.

With that being said, I look forward to helping my community here in Colorado springs to grow and become a safer place for everyone, 

thank you

Luke Soto

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